Elixir's Greatest Hits: An brief, but rich, anthology of the some of Elixir's awesomeness

Elixir has been around since 2011/2012, and in those short years it has built up an excellent language, powerful tools and an inclusive community. In this talk, I wanted to guide you through some of those many great things. The talk will be organized as a collection of recipes, libraries, framework, code snippets and opinionated practices to help you on your own journey using Elixir. In particular, I hope to touch on some of the following + `mix gen` as a replacement to `mix new` + Using mix aliases to simplify a lot of commn tasks + Improve your unit testing with `mix test.watch` + Even better testing with `DocTest` + Distilling the best ways to configure your application + Setting up your Database with Ecto + Managing Ecto migrations like a Pro + Testing with a database using Sandboxes + Building a client to your favourite API + Building custom mix tasks + Building custom command line apps + A different approach to Elixir umbrella project + Keeping Ecto Separate from Phoenix + Deploying with Distillery This talk will hopefully inspire you with the resources to go off on your own and start (or continue) to build great things with Elixir and maybe even give back to the community with more (or better) ways to accomplish things in the language.

Andrew Forward

Software Developer (CrossFit HQ)
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