Robert Beene

Managing Partner (Echobind)
Massachusetts, United States
Robert loves bouncing around the globe helping companies build their apps – it doesn’t really matter who for. You’ll find him developing an indie music app one day, then scaling a giant telemedicine platform the next. He’s worked gigs in Boston, NYC and Paris but now runs his remote agency, Echobind. He steps away from the screen to hang with his family, ride bikes, and take pics.

Composable Queries with Ecto

With languages such as Elixir, we've taken to breaking down the building blocks of our application so that we can compose features as we see fit. With Ecto, we're able to apply the same approach to building our database queries. This flexibility enables us to mix and match the elements. From filtering to ordering and everything in-between, composability makes it simple to get the exact result set we want.
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